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Report a Fraud

Suspect anyone of fraud? Use our confidential online form to submit a report.

iCM Form
  1. What type of fraud do you want to report? Read further about how to identify different Types of Fraud. (Link opens in a new window).
    NOTE: Housing benefit fraud is no longer investigated by the council. If you suspect someone is committing Housing Benefit Fraud, please report it online to the Department of Work and Pensions.
  2. What do you believe they are doing?*
    1. Please include as much detail as possible about how you believe a fraud is being committed. Please do not assume that we already know, sometimes the smallest details matter. The better the information you provide the better will be our chance of success in proving the allegation.
    1. When did this happen? Enter over what period this has occurred:*
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  3. How did you become aware of the allegation?*
    1. Select an option:*
    2. If someone gave you the information, please state the name of the person who gave you the information:
  4. Have you reported this allegation to anyone else?*
    1. If yes, please provide further details. Such as who did you report it to; when was this; what response did you receive etc?
      1. Has any disciplinary or legal action been taken in the past?
      2. If so, what was the outcome?