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Maintain your well-being and independence and carry on doing the things that are important to you later in life.

A care and support assessment is an opportunity for us to discuss your care and support needs and help you maintain your well-being and independence. Everyone is entitled to this free service however you may have to pay for any services offered afterwards.

How to get an assessment - contact us

Email: or alternatively please complete the form below
Telephone: 01902 551199
Emergency out of hours: 01902 552999

We are committed to preventing the abuse of adults. If you think someone is being abused it is important that you tell someone. Call us on 01902 551199, or alternatively on 01902 552999 after 5pm. If you are concerned that immediate action may be needed from the emergency services, please dial 999.

The safeguarding adults pages give more information on protecting adults from abuse.

Learn more about what happens at a care assessment.

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