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Whistleblowing form

Anyone with information relating to a concern that could threaten customers, employees or the council's reputation should report their information immediately.

Please use this form to report any serious concerns you have over malpractice or wrongdoing occurring in the Council  involving our employees, contractors, members or other partner organisation.


iCM Form
  1. Whistleblowing form
    1. If you notice any behaviour in the workplace that could threaten customers, colleagues, the public or the organisation’s own reputation, please let us know about your concern.
      Please read more about Whistleblowing before completing this form. (Link opens in a new window).

    2. What type of activity does your concern involve?*

    3. Who is the allegation against?

    4. What do you believe they are doing?
      Please provide as much detail as possible about the activity that is causing your concerns.

    5. Where and when did this happen?

    6. What evidence can you give to support this?

    7. Please upload any evidence you may have.

    8. Have you reported this previously?*

    9. Label *
    10. If you have reported this previously, who did you report it to and when did you report it?

    11. Do you wish to remain anonymous?*

    12. Label