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Make a payment

  • Pay your council tax

    There are a number of ways that you can pay your council tax.

  • Sundry debt invoices

    If you owe the council money for a service other than council tax or non-domestic rates, such as trade refuse, this is called a sundry debt. You can pay this in a number of ways.

  • Housing rent

    There are a number of payment methods available for paying your housing rent.

  • Fixed Penalty Notice (environmental crimes)

    If you have been issued a fixed penalty for such offences as littering; dog fouling or for having a business without a waste removal contract you can make payment in full here.

  • Penalty Charge Notice (Parking Fines)

    You can pay your penalty charge notice by debit or credit card using our online payment service.

  • Residential care

    You can now make a payment for residential care services using our online payment system.

  • Business rates

    Business rates is the commonly used name of non-domestic rates, a tax on the occupation of non-domestic property. You can pay yours online.

  • Garage rent

    You can pay your garage rent by debit or credit card using our online payment service.

  • Council mortgages

    The council have appointed a third party company to administer the councils mortgage accounts. This company in called Loan and Mortgage Advice Centre (Lamac).

  • Domiciliary care

    Domiciliary care helps people cope with disability or illness, and allows them to maintain independence. You can make a payment for this service online.